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  • a new app!
  •  Date Posted: Mon, 14 Sep 2020
    Like many other choir directors around the world, I have turned my hand to editing virtual choirs! (Although if you follow me on YouTube, you will see that I have been making virtual 'Seb-choirs' for many years!). To support this, I developed an app so that you can watch the conductor and be filmed in sync. Cool, eh? Check it out here:

    The app is part of another important part of my work, creating digital resources for choirs. Check out

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  • The end of webinars!
  •  Date Posted: Thu, 14 May 2020
    Hello friends, 

    While I had an enjoyable time producing the webinars I did feel that my time could have been more productively used generating income in other ways. One of them being developing an app...(more on that later!). Particularly when considering the preparation time, especially for 'Theory Thursdays'.

    I am sorry if you were a regular viewer, or were indeed lined up to join chatty-Tuesdays, but for now the door is closing. As I said, it was enjoyable, but overall was not cost effective to run! 

    Much Love, 
    Seb. x

    Oh, and a special thanks should go to Owen for being my most regular viewer, participant and supporter! Amazing!
  • COVID-19 Response
  •  Date Posted: Tue, 17 Mar 2020



    Like many other self-employed people up and down the country I am more than a little worried about financial security of the next period of time. What I’m also worried about is that with no choirs going there will be lots and lots of people needing to engage with other people. With both of these problems come exciting opportunities (and I really am excited!). The internet has given us so much connectivity and options to have meetings from home. Some will be exclusive to individual choirs in their normal rehearsal slots, but I will open some to a wider audience…hence this post!

    I will be holding live webinars on various topics (ideas below please!). I will create a schedule and booking system on my website. I will try and choose topics which will support what we do in our choir rehearsals as well as being interesting! Topic suggestions that you’d like to go over is VERY welcome. My feeling is that I will put a PayPal donate button in the webinars and viewers can pay what they feel it’s worth as I’m aware there will be others who will be suffering financially from COVID-19.

    Example topics for a wider audience:
    * How to arrange for choir
    * Music Theory of different skill levels
    * A brief history of music as we know it
    * How to use Sibelius

    Workshops for individuals
    * Online singing lessons (face to face considered…depending on demographic!)

    As with the above, life is somewhat in limbo, so please feel free to give me your ideas. I am supremely anxious about the next few months (as is probably obvious) but I’m also excited in equal measure about what can be done with a little creative thinking, and I’m sure that when things do get back up and running we will be very well rested and will have a revitalised zeal and excitement never before seen!

    I’m also aware that there may be choirs up and down the country who will be in need of good quality guide tracks so that they can keep practising at home! If you aren’t in one of my groups but are in a bother choir who could use something like that, they can get in touch with me via email: I will be offering this at a slightly discounted rate to attract new business and generally be supportive of lots of organisations suffering.
    Thank you for reading a long post! Again, any ideas can be sent to me!

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  • The first webinar!
  •  Date Posted: Tue, 17 Mar 2020
    My first webinar is here! 

    It's probably going to be a little rough around the edges, but it's an express train! 

    More details of the rest of the series to follow. 

    All the best, 
    YouTube Video URL:
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